App Features

The McArthur Life App, features both iOS and Android enabling instant feedback from your employees and stakeholders.
Simple Feedback

Super simple emoji based feedback, enables questions to be easily understood and answered. You can get regular pulse feedback in less than 3 minutes!

Dynamic Demographics

Users manage their own demographic profiles to enable data to be easily segmented in the reporting Portal.

App Benefits

  • Improve retention and engagement
  • Foster a listening culture
  • Connect instantly with staff
  • Develop shared leadership
  • Be responsive
  • Be an employer of choice
  • Save time and resources

Life App Portal

The Life App Portal is your one stop management tool to get real time insights into your organisation. The Portal is simple to use and you can manage all aspects of your App including Reports, Participants and Billing.

Simple Reports

The reporting portal provides you with real time results and feedback. Over time you can assess your improvement strategies against key areas and by a variety of demographics.

Trending line reports

Our reporting portal provides you month by month progress as your respondents provide feedback. You can utilise the trendline to monitor the pulse of your organisation. Go one level deeper and apply the filters to see how each sub section of your organisation is trending.

Powerful Filtering

By applying the demographic filters, you can gain segmented understanding of your data, enabling you to target and customise improvement and enhancement strategies.


The reporting portal can be customised to provide multiple styles and formats of reporting. Talk to use about how we can adapt the reports to better suit your needs.

Life Apps

McArthur currently have a range of industry based Life App’s available. We can also create a Life App just for you.


In the brave new world of a consumer-directed service system the Life App empowers both staff and consumers with real-time feedback on aged care services. The Life App ensures staff engagement is prioritised and service quality is maintained at the highest level.


Life App is tailored to the needs of local government and the communities they serve. It helps leaders connect, listen and respond to the needs of their staff. Its immediacy actively encourages regular and meaningful conversations in Councils across Australia.


Life App is quick, simple and easy to use. Perfectly suited to the fast-paced early childhood environment. Staff can provide feedback anywhere, anytime enabling timely engagement with Centre management on the issues that matter to them.


For organisations dedicated to the care and support of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community, looking after staff is a key priority. The Life App is an affordable tool, enabling genuine and responsive connection to your people.


The Life App creates opportunities to get instant feedback and ideas from your staff to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. The Life App helps develop a creative, committed and engaged workforce and a positive, open workplace culture.


The Life App technology is easily tailored to an organisation’s needs. If you are looking to evaluate a project; conduct research; manage change; or develop a customised on-line solution – the Life App can be modified to your exact specifications.


If you are interested in implementing one our Life App’s within your organisation, or have a custom Life App requirement please contact us below to request a demonstration.